Saturday, 30 October 2010

Subconscious Drawing

I've spent this last week doing a lot of subconscious drawing.  At Uni we had a nice relaxing "drawing week" which acted as a bit of a break between our five and six week projects.  We had our choice of three drawing workshops to participate in, the choices were: Life Drawing, Subconscious Drawing/Sound Interpretation, and something else, I don't recall the third one.  So of course I chose to stick with the Subconscious Drawing/Sound Interpretation all week.  It was a great and inspirational week.

As I have written earlier I am very influenced by music, and this week I let myself take even more of a back-seat to the music than usual.  A few of my favourite pieces from this week are the product of splashing water and watercolour paint to the rhythm of  music (and various noises) being played by my instructor.  Then, after letting the paint dry, going back and emphasizing the shapes and forms that I felt should be more pronounced, which I am doing using ink and coloured pencil.  Here is one example:

Detail view

The music I was listening to while doing the detail work:
David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust
Pink Floyd-More
David Bowie-Space Oddity
Gábor Szabó-Bacchanal

Pink Floyd-Obscurd by Clouds
Because I really enjoyed this process I have started a couple more of these pieces at home.  I did these after putting a rule in place, the rule was I could not use paint, I could only use things that I could find around our flat.  The result is these two pieces which were created using coffee, tea, water, wine, soy sauce and bleach.
Detail view

Detail view
Detail view

I'll continue working on these once they are completely dry.  Up to this point they are brought to you by John Coltrane.

 One more work-in-progress I started today using chalk and soy sauce:

The album that influenced this creation is:


  1. I LOVE it! These are great! They look great in real life but looking at them via your blog allows a different perspective. I love the little guy running away. Very cool!

  2. You rock, Mike! These are AMAZING. I loved the psychedelic video...way impressive.