Thursday, 10 May 2012

Joseph Smith and the Origins of Mormonism

It's now the end of another semester and more importantly the end of my Bachelor's Degree studies.  The work I did this final semester is based on early Mormonism and its founder Joseph Smith.  Here are some photos.

Crucifix Detail

Translation of the Book of Abraham

It's been a great two years at Duncan of Jordanstone, I've learned a hell of a lot and met a ton of great people but I'm ready to move on and excited to move away from Dundee.  I'm heading down to London in July and after spending six months there I'll be moving to New York.  


  1. Furness, I love the exhibit as well as the video.

    Eric Draper

  2. Thanks a lot Eric, much appreciated! Good to hear from you!

  3. Response to Mike Furness Art Piece, Joseph Smith and the Origins of Mormonism

    As published in Salt Lake City Weekly Oct 4, 2012

    Do I really have to leave Utah to be happy? It's such a spectacularly beautiful place. And it's a relatively safe place, with cohesive communities that care about each other. It's just that, if you're not Mormon, they don't care as much. I left the first time for good reason. I am so tired of encountering the dominant religion wherever I turn, especially in public and business settings. Am I really to spend the rest of my life having to listen to the witnesses of Mormonism? I spent the first part of my life defending against their overwhelming sense of righteousness. And they are so quick to grasp the mantle of martyrdom at the slightest suggestion of criticism. Except for Dad, himself, a Jack Mormon, the whole paternal side of my family is LDS. When I left the state where I grew up, I discovered a surprising sense of relief at being able to engage in a normal conversation with someone without being asked within fifteen minutes if I am LDS. Utah Mormons are raised with a vice around their minds and no amount of logic or history will disabuse them of their invented mythology. Oh, they may say they are diverse and tolerant, but lurking underneath there is always the smug conceit that anyone leaving the “true church” will come back to it. I just don't want to spend the years I have left having to once again push against a mindset that is both irrational and authoritarian.

    This is what your provocative and illuminating work has made me to think about. Again. Ad nauseum.

    -Joel Applegate

  4. Hmm... After watching the video I have to say you need to do a little more research.

    The seer stones are actually larger than tiny little rocks, and were placed upon golden plates to help Joseph Smith translate them. On a further note, Joseph Smith didn't write the translations down. He read, and someone else wrote. At one time Martin Harris was his scribe, then Emma his wife, and lastly Oliver Cowdery. These three did not see the plates while Joseph read them aloud. They sat at a table with a sheet hanging from the ceiling. He sitting on onside of the blanket, and the scribe on the other.

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